LLRP Presents |Blades of Dourstone Keep|
•Session: 1
•Title: "Cats, Carts and Kwarma -oh my!"

PSN: Syvarris | Narrator
PSN: Jarnkoldur | Raj'Kono "Flea" Katkurika
Character Name: Alemendra
Character Name: Audsven Ironhide
Character Name: Crowe

Rook, a recruiter for the Legio Luproum, is seeking any willing soldier, mercenary, or fool willing to lay down their lives for the cause of the Legio Luproum. He is met with a rag-tag band of individuals whom demonstrate potential, but have a few assorted flaws they must overcome before they could be considered for the legion of wolves. In this session they assist a farmer with a kwarma infestation, Audsven "tackles" a cart, and the Khajiit -Flea- is blamed for practically everything.

Oh my!

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