Do you like listening to the radio and pretending to be the host of your own talk show or commercial?

If that sounds like you, then you're in luck!

RPHQ is looking for aspiring radio personalities to help host an interview Podcast series called


An interview series about RPers who play different archetypes in various MMORPGs
The show will consist of both an interview section and LIVE* story reading of each episode's interviewed character, narrated by The Smiling Sorcerer

As the interviewer of the show, you'll get to do the following:

-Create the series' tagline that will be used for both the intro & signoff
-Have input on what Archetypes will be interviewed in future episodes
-Have input on the series' finalized logo, created by The Smiling Sorcerer
-Come up with questions for the Rper about their Archtype

If you would like to inquire about hosting the series, please contact The Smiling Sorcerer, for further information using enjin's mailing system.