Hey everyone. I'm DragonBlue, usually shortened to just Dragon. I've been role playing since sometime in the mid-late 90's, and am primarily a text/forum based player though I've done a little bit of more table top style through messenger platforms like skype a few times in the past.

I'm pretty flexible in the sort of genres I undertake, but I have a particular fondness for post/apocalypse and supernatural creature based genres. My favorite game worlds of the former are Fallout and Metro (2033, Last Light etc). With the latter I usually operate from original settings, though I've had a lot of fun with Shadow Runner and Bright based world settings as well. Science Fantasy is another genre I enjoy dabbling with.

Outside of role play, I enjoy photography, drawing, and messing about in photoshop.

Anyway, that's a brief run down for me and I look forward to exploring the community!