The forum based play section doesn't seem to get much love, but I figure I'll give it a try.

Right now I play on a site called Dead Before Daylight. Its a post by post modern urban fantasy. Rather than embracing the usual 'supernaturals live in secret' trope, the DBD world is one where supernatural beings are commonly known among mankind. Some species exist equally with human kind, like dragons and fae-kind (we have elves, satyrs, pixies etc available) whole creatures like vampires and werewolves are blacklisted and forced to live in hiding or risk being killed or imprisoned.

Beyond the overarching plot DBD is a bit mixed genre. There's an element of criminal organization involved, the usual day to day sort of thing, a specialized FBI division responsible for overseeing blacklisted creatures and keeping them contained as they're more common than many people realize.

So for starters, we'd love to have new players join so if anyone is interested you can visit us at

More to the meat of things, I'm curious about what sorts of things you as a player would like to see in a world like this!