Greetings to you! Looking for a life filled with action, adventure, danger, glory, and riches?

Then read on, for the Baronship of Cove seeks hardy men and women to settle the harsh lands that surround it!

Will you swear to protect the Baron and his people, donning the uniform of a Soldier of the Covian Army? Will you exert his will against the enemies of Cove, from rival cities to the monsters in the darkest dungeon depths?

Perhaps you are better suited to civilian life, crafting and selling your wares or vying for power in the political arena. The life of a simple Avatarian clergyman? Or a rogueish career criminal?

The Baronship of Cove is one of the oldest and largest roleplaying guilds on the Europa shard of the (now playable for free!) Ultima Online, an MMORPG that launched in 1997 and has been going strong ever since. We aim for a relatively gritty, low(ish)-fantasy atmosphere, where danger and intrigue lurk around every corner.

The Baronship of Cove featuring numerous positions to meet everyone's style of roleplay and experience level. Whether you're a roleplay veteran or a first timer, everyone is invited to join the experience that is the Baronship of Cove!

Let the adventure begin...

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