Firstly, a word of gratitude to TheHumanFloyd for his vision of a unified home for all RP'ers.

Secondly, and on behalf of the Age of Conan RP community, allow me to invite you all to witness an age undreamed of. Join us at AoC, one of the best under-represented MMORPG's in existence.

That said...

We are a lore-true, mature, all-inclusive RP-PvE guild focused on 3 core aspects for the game:

  • Provide a home for any RP/RP friendly players seeking a conceptual alternative to the existing RP guilds (whom we hereby salute), a more immersive RP experience or simply a reference for casual, quality RP.

  • Help revitalize AoC’s RP community, one of the forgotten cornerstones of the game, in our opinion.

  • Honor AoC itself, a game that means much more to us than just a trivial pastime.

Along with these key components, and even though immersion is our main interest, we also strongly engage in the PvE (and even PvP) aspects of the game, both quintessential to the experience that is Age of Conan.

If you agree with us so far…
If you feel the stirring of destiny in our words…

Take the journey:

It will be hard. It will be worth it.
We await you at the road’s end.