2E 590 : The Adventurers Foundation – Discord RP Community
Lawfully Aligned

The Adventurers Foundation is a guild located in Reapers March on the boarder of Cyrodiil, Valenwood, and Elsweyr. We are a community that offers an option of combat stats to be made for those interested in PvP or PvE Combat - but right now are looking to expand on the Roleplayers within the guild! Any TES Experience is welcome (Even if you have not played more than 1 game.)

The pride of our guild is that -while set in Reapers March- we have ample events and setups prepared for EVERY Region you may want to visit!

This guild is set in Reapers March as a medium for players to Mix and mingle through casual Discord RP at any point through the week. We have multiple Game Masters at the ready to RP NPC's, and do 1+ Major Sessions a week for Quests and Combat for those interested in that side. We have events for both Combat and Non Combat roles in the guild, and operate by focusing on Player development - be it through completing the Arena, joining a more nefarious guild such as the thieves guild (or creating a subgroup for your trade on your own), or becoming the Grandmaster of this Guild -- all such rolls are OPEN. Players are to be in positions of power--NOT officers.

The Guild as a whole keeps an overarching plot that incorporates all roles-be they combat capable or not.

What do we need?
Both In and Out of Character we have freshly opened our doors---so we need anything ranging from Merchants, alchemists, financial sponsors, government officials, cooks, scholars, or anyone who simply seeks to join for a place to stay (In which case we will ICly help you find work to pull your own weight)

We have adult themes such as violence and alcohol. We enjoy a good bit of Dark events and like to dot the discords RP with lighthearted fun to keep it enjoyable.
Romance allowed so long as your fellow RPers are willing, but should you engage in more 'intimate' RP we will ask you to take such scenes to PMs, as not everyone needs (or wants) to see it in a public channel.

Questions/To Join add me on discord! #JustTesLore#9007

As a lawful public entity, the Adventurers Foundation is an Order of Lawful-Good disposition, so if you intend to come in with nefarious intent we urge you to be cautious about who finds out!