I am recruiting for an active Role Playing Community! While we mainly focus in eso, we do branch out to other games as well. We're fun, helpful to new and old players, a bit laid back, patient, understanding, and creative. You don't have to have rp experience to join, however we do ask that you put an effort into learning how to rp correctly. We are always willing to help new role players with any questions they may have as well as making sure they are comfortable joining in the rps. Our guild isn't just all role playing tho, that's just our main focus. We still run dungeons and missions normally. On some occasions we could rp them out. If you are new to eso in general we're pretty good about helping you out there too.

We currently have 80+ members and still growing! Very friendly community and a great group to be a part of! :)

Age 16+
Have the Discord App (this is where we have all our announcements and communicate with one another. We also have all the text rps here for when we're not roping in game)
A working mic

If you would like to join, please message me on any of my following contacts that I'll list below. Please provide me with your Gamertag(if you're not messaging me on Xbox), discord name and number(if you're not messaging me on discord), and your age(please be honest).

Message me on here. (Or reply to this forum)
Xbox: GalacticIceWolf
Discord: Wolf's Rain#2286

If you have discord and would like to just join right away, click the link below. Just make sure to let us know Wolfy recruited you so I know how you got there lol.

Hope to hear from you guys soon! :d