So I'm not very good at intro's so uh... What'ya wanna know?

Who am I?
That's a question that many have tried to answer, including Bobby herself XD

OK, for reals though. I'm not outstanding, unless you count my neverending love for sarcasm, memes, Scrubs and a few other series and movies as well as a whole slew of bad jokes (especially puns) and random facts that will never, ever, be useful in regular life. By now I'm expecting to be on a few watch lists, if my google search history is anything to judge by (I swear gov officials, I'm an author, not a mass murderer).

So yeah, what else is there?

I started writing when I was like 13, I started RP'ing in my first year of college. I took a few breaks but always returned.
I prefer 1x1, but will enjoy the occasional group RP very much. I love myself a cliche or two, just to mix things up every once in a while between some good old badassery and some love dovey stuff or character redemption :lol:
Ask me for anything else.