If you weren't aware, I run a blog on this website! You can easily find it here!

So, I'm shamelessly stealing this format off of Ma1function. Why? Well, he's right. Non-editors of the website can't comment or like, really. It's rough, and I like feedback. So, I'm stealing his format with barely any changes. Chalk me up to plagiarism, and phone the authorities.

I will say, my guides often leave me making assertions. So, I would also invite people to use this space to discuss the things I say. I'm never above being wrong.

I'd say you could also make some requests, but I will warn that I am a fickle artisan with these posts. I have promised two so far, and only one has been satisfied (technically). So, be aware of that.

So, with all matters concluded, such as they are, I bid you good day!

Farewell, Peers and Masters!